Warners To Relaunch “The Matrix” Franchise

Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly in the early stages of developing a relaunch of the iconic “The Matrix” franchise. Zak Penn is in talks to write a treatment for the new version and there’s reportedly potential interest in “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan to star.

However, things remain in extremely early stages at this point. Also the Wachowski siblings, who wrote and directed the original and its two sequels, are not involved at this point. How involved they actually will be has not been determined.

Joel Silver is said to have approached Warners about the idea of mining the Matrix for a potential new film, but Silver sold his interest in all his movies to the studio in 2012 and are said to be leery of including him in any meaningful role.

The first film became the highest grossing R-rated film of 1999 in North America, and the fourth-highest grossing film of the year worldwide along with winning four Oscars.

The original’s star Keanu Reeves has previously said he would be open to returning for another installment of the franchise if the Wachowskis were involved.

Source: Heat Vision