Warners To Conduct Tatum’s “Forever War”

Warner Bros. Pictures has won a fierce bidding war for the rights to a film adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s classic 1974 sci-fi war novel “The Forever War”. Warners reportedly beat out Sony and another unnamed studio for the project.

Channing Tatum is attached to star in the project which follows a young man conscripted into a military task force during a war against an alien species named the Taurans. Through many battles, the man rises up the ranks of the military.

However, traveling through space has time-warping effects which causes him to age normally while Earth spins centuries. The planet undergoes many changes, including humanity’s melding into one homogenous race, the eliminating of heterosexuality and the speaking of a new language.

At the same time, he tries to remain connected to his true love, a fellow (and female) soldier who also uses space-time to slow down her aging so she can be with him.

“Prometheus” scribe Jon Spaihts and super producer Roy Lee, who also announced plans for a remake of the 1997 sci-fi thriller “Cube” today, are set to produce this film with Tatum.

Ridley Scott acquired the rights in 2008 and had previously been developing it as a directing vehicle with the likes of David Peoples, Matthew Michael Carnahan and Dante Harper taking cracks at the script. Ultimately the rights lapsed which led to this bidding war.

Source: Heat Vision