Warners Skips 2019 Comic Con Hall H

Teaser Trailer It Chapter 2

When it comes to Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, two major players have dominated for the past decade – Warner Bros. Pictures and Marvel Studios.

While other studios flooded in during the 2000s and then essentially dropped out in the 2010s as a Comic Con launch for a film became a less important thing, those two stayed firmly in place. Marvel has since downplayed its involvement in San Diego in recent years, but Warners remain pretty steadfast.

That changes today with ErikDavis reporting that Warners is skipping Hall H this year and the only film it will have a panel for throughout the entire thing will be for “IT: Chapter 2” which will show off new footage.

This is especially surprising considering Warners’ upcoming line-up including “Birds of Prey,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” “Kong vs. Godzilla” and the Robert Pattinson as Batman news. How many other studios will be involved this year down in San Diego is not clear.