Warners Sets Some “LEGO” Release Dates

Following on from yesterday’s big announcement regarding the nine untitled films based on DC Comics it has scheduled, the company has locked down two more dates for what are being dubbed “Untitled Warner Bros. Animation Films”.

May 25th 2018 and May 24th 2019 have been set for the untitled projects, though THR reports that both slots will go to new films in the company’s “LEGO” film franchise. Both are separate to the already announced “LEGO Ninjago” on September 23rd 2016 and “The LEGO Movie” sequel which is set for May 26th 2017.

This means the studio is essentially claiming the Memorial Day Weekend in late May for LEGO movies over at least a three year period.

Then there’s the two “Untitled WB Event Film” projects announced yesterday that have been scheduled for November 2018 and November 2020. It hasn’t been confirmed, but there’s already quite reasonable arguments going around as to what they are – the “Harry Potter” spin-off franchise.

Specifically, the film adaptation of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is slated to hit on the third Friday in November 2016. The two ‘event’ films are booked for the same weekend two years apart, and the plan is for ‘Beasts’ to be the first in a potential new trilogy. The math would appear to add up, but the studio hasn’t confirmed as yet.