Warners Sets “Justice League” For 2015

With their court win over the rights to Superman behind them, Warner Bros. Pictures is wasting no time and is already said to be accelerating development of its planned “Justice League” movie.

The L.A. Times reports that Warner hopes to shoot the film next year and have it ready for release Summer 2015. The script is already well underway, the next big hurdle is attaching a director and then a cast.

The studio is taking the opposite approach of DC’s main rival Marvel. While Marvel built their own standalone film series before teaming the characters for “The Avengers”, Warners and DC will spin off its superheroes into their own movies following their introduction in “Justice League.”

The date puts the film in direct competition with Marvel’s “Avengers” sequel which is slated for May 1st 2015. ‘Justice’ will no doubt take a mid-late July weekend which Warners has had great success with regarding the two most recent Chris Nolan “Dark Knight” films.

We know Christian Bale isn’t coming back, so the big question now is if Henry Cavill or Ryan Reynolds will reprise their Superman and Green Lantern roles respectively in ‘Justice’?