Warners Reshuffles The 2017 Schedule

Warner Bros. Pictures is shuffling around its release schedule, moving up some big titles and pushing back others. With several other studios following suit, this has changed the playing field of next year’s Spring and Summer film release schedules quite quickly.

Sony has shifted its Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds-led space thriller “Life” up by two months from May to a March 24th release. As a result, Warners has pushed out Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur” film from that date and slotted in Dax Shepherd’s “CHiPS” movie instead. Both will now take on the “Power Rangers” reboot on that date.

The Charlie Hunnam-led “King Arthur” will now instead bow on May 12th where its only competition is the Amy Schumer-Goldie Hawn movie “Mother/Daughter”. That film itself is replacing the “Barbie” movie which has been delayed a year with Schumer’s attachment to it this past week.

The “CHiPS” movie was originally slated for August 11th, and with its move “Annabelle 2” is being pushed back from its May slot and into that late Summer bow opposite Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver”. MGM, seeing the opportunity, has dived in and slotted its young adult adaptation “Everything, Everything” into Annabelle’s old May 19th slot.

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