Warners Releases Archives On Custom DVD

Warner Bros. Pictures has a back catalogue of films that number at nearly 7,000. Unfortunately only about 1,200 of these titles have hit DVD, let alone Blu-ray, so far.

Now, the studio’s home entertainment division has come up with an idea that will hopefully be adopted by others soon – custom mail ordering of films currently not available in stores reports USA Today.

The Warner Archive Collection will allow fans of classic yet-to-be-released titles to pick a film they want from an online site (WarnerArchive.com). For $19.95, Warners will then burn, package and ship the DVD to customers for receipt within an estimated five days. Consumers also will be able to order films digitally, downloaded directly to their computers, for $15.

The availability of good-quality prints, consumer requests and even interest on the black market will help determine what films will get pushed ahead in the queue.

At present 150 films are available on the website with an additional 20 titles to be added per month. Current titles available include the Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers 1942 classic “Once Upon a Honeymoon”, 1947’s “Possessed” with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford, and 1962’s “All Fall Down” with Warren Beatty and Eva Marie Saint. The most recent title is 1986’s “Wisdom” with Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore.