Warners Pushing For “Fury Road” Awards

Sure “Jurassic World” and a few other Summer blockbusters did bigger business, but so far this year no film really hit the pop culture zeitgeist quite like George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Reviews were phenomenal and many industry people were just blown away by the action masterpiece.

With its sci-fi and genre trappings though, not to mention its brutality and dark appeal, it also seems like the kind of film that the stuffier members of the film awards bodies who tend to go for something more conservative and less pulpy. Even so, it looks as if Warner Bros. Pictures is taking a chance and has decided to push their post-apocalyptic feminist action film for numerous awards honors including Best Picture.

Film critic Mike McGranahan posted a tweet showing the first awards ad which includes a schedule of upcoming screenings for potential voters – even as the film is currently out on DVD and Blu-ray.

The project could seek out numerous awards including George Miller’s direction, John Seale’s cinematography, Junkie XL’s score, Margaret Sixel’s editing, Colin Gibson’s production design, Charlize Theron for Best Actress, Tom Hardy for Best Actor and Nicholas Hoult for Best Supporting Actor.