Warners Pushes Forward On Early VOD Offerings

Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly moving ahead with plans to offer earlier access to new film releases via streaming services. If successful, people could get access to films via VOD services just over two weeks after their initial release – for a premium price.

Variety reports that studio chief Kevin Tsujihara, speaking during a call with analysts on Wednesday, is confident that exhibitors will ultimately embrace the plan. Tsujihara says:

“We’re making a lot of progress. We’re aggressively working with exhibitors to talk about models that will grow the market instead of cannibalizing the market… part of the reason that’s driving this is consumers and the economics of the film business… It’s about giving consumers what they want. If we don’t give it to them, they’re going to go to pirated versions.”

With the film business now dominated by major tentpole releases, a lot of other genres appealing to different age groups and demographics are being shut out. Tsujihara says an earlier VOD release of films could “change the economics of adult dramas.”