Warners Plans “Wonder Woman” Awards Run

Warner Bros. Pictures have reportedly had internal discussions about launching a major, costly and “formidable” awards-season campaign for Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” according to Variety.

The studio is also going after honors for Jenkins herself as director. If they succeed on both fronts, it would make the movie the first comic-book film nominated for best picture and Jenkins both the first female director nominated since 2010 and the first director (male or female) nominated for a comic book movie.

The Oscars famously snubbed Christopher Nolan’s”The Dark Knight” in 2008, and has in many ways been trying to make up for it ever since. “Wonder Woman” is one of the few superhero films that has come along that has a chance to break through.

It certainly is of those rare birds in that not only has it been a box-office hit with $781 million worldwide, it has also been a critical darling. Then there’s the period setting and standalone nature which offer it advantages for consideration that other films in the MCU and DCEU don’t by their very nature of being sequels and chapters of a larger whole.

Thing is there’s another potential candidate for these honors this year that fits similar criteria – “Logan”. Fox may well go after noms for that film, especially for its main trio of actors and Jackman in particular for his overall body of work in the role, but no word as yet if that studio intends to do so.