Warners Plans “Titans”, “Journey” Sequels

Warner Bros. Pictures is moving forward with sequels to two recent remakes – this year’s “Clash of the Titans” and 2008’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D” reports Deadline New York.

The ‘Titans’ follow-up is aiming for a Spring 2012 release and Sam Worthington is expected to reprise the role of Perseus. However director Louis Leterrier will not return, neither will the writers. Greg Berlanti will pen the story with a new screenwriter to be hired shortly to expand upon it. The aim is to get the film into production so Worthington can get to work on it before he shoots the “Avatar” sequel.

‘Earth’ is being lined up for a Fall 2011 release but as a result director Eric Brevig wouldn’t be available to direct due to his commitments to “Yogi Bear 3D”. However star Brendan Fraser is resisting suggestions of potential replacements like Brad Peyton. As a result the film may be refashioned around the son character (Josh Hutcherson).