Warners Plans New “Supergirl” Film

Warners Plans New Supergirl Film

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films have reportedly begun developing a new “Supergirl” film. “22 Jump Street” and “The Cloverfield Paradox” writer Oren Uziel is onboard to pen the film’s script.

In the DC Comics, Supergirl and her cousin Superman are the only ones who safely escaped their doomed planet of Krypton, both landing on Earth but with Superman beating her there by a number of years.

Both have a similar power set and the same vulnerability to Kryptonite. The studio is reportedly seeking a female director for the film, and haven’t made it clear if Henry Cavill’s Superman will appear.

The property was previously adapted onto film in 1984, and is the subject of a current The CW series.

Source: Deadline