Warners Plans Epic Julius Caesar Film

Warner Bros. Pictures and Thunder Road have acquired a pitch for a sweeping dramatic epic about Julius Caesar reports Deadline.

Not a straight-up biopic, the film is being described as something akin to “Patton” and will cover the period in which a young Caesar was sent to Spain on a detail no one else wanted.

There, he built the tenth legion fighting force which would eventually march on Rome, overrun his rival Pompey, and establish Caesar as the ruler of the empire.

The film would end on his coronation, but could have a sequel about his trip to Egypt and eventual assassination. Both films would essentially re-tell the story that spanned the first season of HBO’s “Rome”.

Chris Boal (“23 Knives”) will pen the script, Jonathan Liebesman (“Battle: Los Angeles,” “Clash of the Titans 2”) will direct and Basil Iwanyk will produce.

The film has little to do with the William Broyles-scripted adaptation of Conn Iggulden’s novel trilogy which is also in the works.