Warners Plans A Justice League Movie

Having successfully relaunched their “Batman” and “Superman” franchises, and with the likes of “The Flash” and “Wonder Woman” in development, surprising news came to light today about DC Comics next big project.

Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to make a feature based on super team the Justice League of America, and have hired writing duo Kiernan and Michele Mulroney (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Paper Man”) to pen the script reports Variety.

The film will include some combination of DC’s most iconic superheroes, but which ones and how they will affect the current separate franchises remains in question. How the story arcs unfold will also affect whether the studio will make offers to actors Christian Bale and Brandon Routh to play their respective roles in the project.

Despite having included almost every super hero in DC’s line-up, the core seven that have made-up the JLA since its inception in 1960 are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

The expense of such a project is daunting, but the interest level is extremely high and the franchise potential extremely strong. The animated series in recent years proved a big hit, and The WB network series “Smallville” has drawn ratings and raves for a recent episode featuring an early version of the Justice League.

Still, remember what happened with the now aborted “Batman vs. Superman” project.