Warners Planning A Solo “Batman” For 2019?

During last week’s apparent leak of Warner Brothers’ plans for a DC Cinematic Universe over the next few years, one project was notably absent from the list – a solo film centering on Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Latino Review now reports that Affleck will be getting his own Batman stand-alone movie after all which is currently scheduled for Summer 2019, a year after the standalone “Man of Steel 2”. The site also claims this standalone film already has a working title – “The Batman”

By the time it pops out it will be the actor’s third time playing the character following his first time in the currently shooting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and his second in the proposed 2017 release of a “Justice League” film.

They also have an apparent production schedule breakdown. It is expected ‘Dawn’ will wrap filming at the end of the year before taking a break for the Christmas/New Year holidays.

Then filming will begin on “Justice League” early next year and take up much of early 2015. Once “Justice League” is finished, “The Batman” screenplay will go into development whilst Affleck works on his period gangster film “Live by Night” which will score a release in 2016. Filming on “The Batman” will then begin in late 2017, and there’s even the possibility that Affleck will direct it himself.

No word on how solid this news is. It’s expected that, even if it turns out to be accurate, this will NOT be announced as part of the line-up expected to be revealed at Comic Con next month.