Warners Now Planning An “Akira” Trilogy?

Warner Bros. Pictures is still reportedly pursuing its plans for a live-action film adaptation of the classic manga “Akira” and its famed 1988 anime film.

The likes of Ruairi Robinson, Albert Hughes and Jaume Collet-Serra have been attached as director whilst Garret Hedlund, Ken Watanabe, Kristen Stewart, Toby Kebbell and Helena Bonham Carter have all be linked as actors in the film at some point over the past fifteen years.

Now, “Daredevil” second season show runner Marco J. Ramirez has reportedly been hired to pen a new draft of the script says Den Of Geek. Not only that, the plan reportedly is for the property to be turned into a trilogy of movies.

On top of that, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has reportedly “met with a previously attached filmmaker within the past three months to talk about the project.” Could the “Dark Knight” franchise director serve as a producer on this trilogy?