Warners Not Doing Chick Flicks?

Three different producers have told Deadline Hollywood Daily that Warner Bros. Pictures president prexy Jeff Robinov has declared that the studio is “no longer doing movies with women in the lead”.

What’s surprising is that the apparent reasoning behind this new edict is the box-office. Warners biggest hits this year have been male-centric (“300,” “Harry Potter,” “Ocean’s 13”) whilst chick flicks like “In the Land of Women,” “License to Wed,” “Lucky You,” “Music and Lyrics,” “Nancy Drew,” and “No Reservations” have all underperformed.

The icing on the cake allegedly is the tanking of the Nicole Kidman-led sci-fi thriller “The Invasion” and the Jodie Foster-led vigilante drama “The Brave One”. Noted women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred responded with the following very true reasoning: “If that’s what he said, when movies with men as the lead fail, no one says we’ll stop making movies with men in the lead.”

The report has put Robinov in the firing line from sources all over, not just for the blatant sexism, but for the sheer lack of logic in regards to the decision. Others have come up with the more likely sounding argument that the edict is against female-led action films. This despite the success in recent years of such female-led action franchises like “Charlie’s Angels,” “Underworld,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Resident Evil” .

What this means for the studio’s planned “Wonder Woman” movie is also unsure.