Warners Launches An Oscar Campaign For “IT”

The 2017 awards race is an interesting one as there’s no clear frontrunners in the campaign at this point, the film industry is preoccupied with numerous and ongoing sexual harassment scandals, and we’ve seen a major influx of more diverse members and new blood in the film academy.

This has resulted in a field where some critically praised films that would potentially not get due consideration due to their genre are now being considered as possible contenders – even if possibly only in minor categories. If “Suicide Squad” can win an Oscar, then all bets are off right?

Warner Bros. Pictures is putting its awards focus on “Dunkirk” which is a sure fire contender, “Wonder Woman” which is something of a dark horse, and “Blade Runner 2049” which at least deserves some tech nods. Now though they’ve also included the well-regarded box-office juggernaut that is “IT” with the studio officially launching a campaign for it with a ‘For Your Consideration’ page at WarnersBros2017.

The studio has high hopes for the film and has put its handup for numerous categories along with holding official screenings for Academy members. While some of the major awards would be a stretch, others like Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Costume Design it could have a serious chance in. “IT” has grossed a staggering $671 million worldwide to date.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures