Warners & Kroll Acquire “Feral Detective”

Sue Kroll’s Kroll & Co. Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to Jonathan Lethem’s new novel “The Feral Detective” with plans for a feature film adaptation setup at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The novel marks Lethem’s first detective story since bestseller “Motherless Brooklyn,” the story follows Phoebe Siegler, a sarcastic and garrulous woman who heads to California to try to find her best friend’s missing teenage daughter.

When a lead brings her to the stark, seedy desert towns just east of Los Angeles, Phoebe is put in contact with the laconic, strange private eye Charles Heist who has an uncanny ability to find those that don’t want to be found, who reluctantly agrees to help. The unlikely pair soon find themselves in increasing jeopardy.

A film adaptation of “Motherless Brooklyn” is currently in post-production and stars Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Willem Dafoe and Alec Baldwin.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures