Warners Is Off To “Gilligan’s Island”

Warner Bros. Pictures and Atlas Entertainment are teaming for a feature film adaptation of CBS 60’s TV series classic “Gilligan’s Island” says Variety.

This contemporary update of the story will likely follow the mold of pretty much every episode of the show which followed a group of tourists shipwrecked on an uninhabited Pacific island several hundred miles off Hawaii.

Amongst the group are a vacuous female movie star and her nubile but naive young ingenue, a lazy elitist millionaire and his spoiled but ultimately noble wife, a high school science teacher with the ability to turn coconuts into workable electronic equipment, and the ship’s stubborn captain and clumsy first mate – ex-Naval officers with a strange almost master/slave-style relationship.

Brad Copeland is penning the script while Charles Roven and Richard Suckle will produce. Shooting kicks off next year but won’t move forward until a director is locked in.