Warners Goes Slim Next Summer

The IESB has done an interesting article on the lack of tentpoles of at Warner Bros. Pictures next Summer. Whilst all the other major studios have scheduled 3-4 movies for the May-August 2009 period, Warners only has one film locked in – the fourth “Terminator”.

Questions now arise as to what the studio will add to that anemic slate, one slot could potentially go to the Wachowski’s “Ninja Assassin” project. IESB reckons that the main contenders that could be ready in time for next Summer are the ‘Green Arrow in prison’ movie “Supermax”, the live-action “He-Man” movie, the “Shazam” film, and/or the “Jonny Quest” movie. For the full story, head there.

Other potential major films Warners has stuck in development include the two-film remake of Japanese anime classic “Akira”, the “CHiPs” movie, an adaptation of Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, and a remake of Michael Crichton’s “Westworld”. Unfortunately it seems unlikely any of these can be assembled in time.

For comparative reasons, here’s a quick breakdown of the nineteen films the five other major studios have scheduled so far for Summer 2009. These include five direct sequels, four TV-to-movie adaptations, and three remakes / reimaginings / spin-offs based on pre-existing film series:

20th Century Fox: The X-Men spin-off “Wolverine”, the “Night at the Museum” sequel, a movie version of “The A-Team”, and a third “Ice Age” movie.

Paramount Pictures: J.J. Abrams reinvention of “Star Trek”, the Eddie Murphy dreamscape comedy “Nowhereland”, the “Transformers” sequel, and the all-star “G.I. Joe” film.

Sony Pictures: The Da Vinci Code-prequel “Angels and Demons”, the biblical set ensemble comedy “Year One”, Roland Emmerich’s armageddon epic “2012”, the untitled Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler team-up comedy, and the Denzel Washington led remake of “The Taking of Pelham 123”.

Universal Pictures: The Vin Diesel and Paul Walker-led new “Fast and Furious”, Michael Mann’s John Dillinger flick with Johnny Depp entitled “Public Enemies”, and Will Ferrell fantasy comedy “Land of the Lost”.

Walt Disney Pictures: Guaranteed money manufacturer “The Hannah Montana Movie”, Pixar’s wild sky adventure “Up”, and the Bruckheimer-produced sword and sorcery action epic “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” with Jake Gyllenhaal.