Warners Exec Talks “Jupiter Ascending” Delay

People are still in shock over the surprise decision late yesterday to delay the Wachowski siblings’ sci-fi epic “Jupiter Ascending” by seven months.

Delays of such a magnitude aren’t unusual a year or even six months ahead of a film’s release. Such a delay just six weeks ahead of a film’s release though, and one that pushes the film from one of the most potentially profitable weekends of the year to one of the least, is almost unheard of.

The studio’s president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman is sticking with the studio’s official line, saying the move is due to the film’s unfinished visual effects. Earlier this year the studio decided to move forward with the film in July despite apparent post-production troubles. Fellman tells The Los Angeles Times:

“We’ve been trying like hell to get this finished. But there are over 2,000 visual effects shots in the movie, and it’s just not gonna happen in time. [We had] been concerned about the production schedule, but we thought we could make it.

We got down to the wire and we just had to make a decision. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. Nobody has seen the movie, so everybody is speculating. People said bad things about ‘World War Z’ when that got pushed, and look how that turned out.”

Speculation remains rife. Trailers for the $150 million budget movie have been met with mixed reaction online, and early audience surveys have reportedly suggested that the film is tracking along the lines of “Edge of Tomorrow” which is tipped to open to a weak $25 million this weekend despite strong reviews.