Warners Dumps The “Jersey Boys” Movie

Less than two months after signing a first-look deal with GK Films which saw it acquire the project, Warner Bros. Pictures has put the film adaptation of the stage musical “Jersey Boys” into turnaround.

GK Films is now currently seeking a new home for the project which they’re now reportedly shopping around to both 20th Century Fox and Paramount to see if they’ll bite.

The film adaptation of the musical, which follows Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and their rise to fame throughout the 1960s, was initially developed at Sony. When GK split with Sony and signed the Warners deal back in September, ‘Jersey’ came with them.

Jon Favreau helms the project from a script by John Logan (“Skyfall”). Shooting was aiming to begin in January, but that’s off the cards now.

Before this, actors like John Magaro, Dominic Cooper, Vincent Piazza Paul Dano and James Badge Dale were all being looked at for lead roles.

Source: Variety