Warners Dumping Gosling’s “Lost River”?

At Cannes a year ago, Warner Bros. Pictures surprised many by picking up the domestic rights to Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “Lost River” (at the time called “How To Catch A Monster”) for a sizeable $3 million minimum guarantee.

The studio appears to now be having major second thoughts regarding the fantasy thriller according to Deadline. Warners is reportedly chatting with various specialty distributors about the possibility of one of them acquiring and releasing the film.

The film premiered at Cannes on Tuesday where almost all the critics had big issues with it – some tore it a new one, others found merits in various elements. It’s reported Gosling may do some fine tuning to the film before it’s release to the masses.

In any case it’s not the kind of movie a studio like Warners would release, so the passing of it to a speciality distributor better able to market and handle such an eccentric work is actually being seen as beneficial in this case.