Warners & DC Film Plans May Be Revised?

The release of the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” this week has already generated much discussion, much of it positive and indicating it was the best trailer for the film thus far.

One of the most interesting pieces popping up on Hitfix. Speaking with Roth Cornet, veteran film journo Drew McWeeny has revealed that the film has begun screening and judging by early reaction the future plans for Warner Bros. Pictures’ DC expanded universe may undergo some release shuffling should ‘Dawn’ not reach the stratospheric heights it needs to:

“If I was a betting man, if i were going to lay a bet on what’s going to happen… ‘Suicide Squad’ they’ll go all in on, they’ll push all their chips on that and I think ‘Suicide Squad’ is going to be a hit for them. I think ‘Wonder Woman’ will be finished the way they’re working on it right now, and I think they’ll release it.

I would be surprised if ‘Justice League’ starts shooting when they say it’s going to. I would be equally surprised if Zack Snyder directed it… My guess is what’s going to happen is ‘Justice League’ is going to get moved back, and that Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ movie – that’s going to be what ends up in that spot…they’re going to need to lay some different ground work. I don’t think this is going to be the springboard into the ‘Justice League’ they wanted it to be.

McWeeny goes on to say that according to the early reactions he’s heard, the most standout elements of ‘Dawn’ are Affleck and Eisenberg who are apparently “very good” and “great” respectively. Fo the full piece, head over to Hitfix