Warners Considering A “Teen Titans” Film?

Following on from their recent “Aquaman” rumors, JoBlo claims to have some more information about other projects in the works as a part of Warner Bros. Pictures’ DC Extended Universe initiative.

First up, they report that a potential “Teen Titans” film is in the works – not to be confused with the long gestating “Titans” series based on the property which TNT has been developing.

The site claims this film version may merge with the Cyborg film that has been rumored and would also allow for the inclusion of some popular female superhero characters like Raven and Starfire. They also suggest at least one gay superhero will be joining the DCEU over the next few years – could it be with this project?

Meanwhile, the studio’s already announced “Green Lantern Corps” reboot will apparently feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart and adopt a “Lethal Weapon in space” style buddy team-up tone.

As usual with these inside source reports, this is all highly speculative and pure rumor for now.