Warners Considered A “Superman: Red Son” Pitch?

A social media conversation has led to the reveal that Warner Bros. Pictures has at least been looking into a live-action feature film adaptation of the iconic comic “Superman: Red Son”.

The comic was a one-off ‘Elseworlds’-style tale which imagines what the world would have been like had Kal-El’s pod crashlanded in the Ukraine rather than Kansas, leading to him being raised in the Soviet Union.

Author Mark Millar created the comic back in 2003 and in a Twitter conversation between Millar and “Kong: Skull Island” director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, it was revealed that the latter pitched a ‘Red Son’ film to Warners. Millar then reportedly responded that he had heard the studio had approached at least another two directors recently offering a live-action adaptation of the story as a project.

Den of Geek then followed that up with a report that they’ve heard from “very, very, very reliable sources” that the studio is looking to bring the comic to the big screen in the near future. Millar then provided a statement to the site saying: “I’ve got pals at Warner Bros but never discussed it with them. I think they’re just going through their back catalogue of big books and hoping to lure in good directors as opposed to any particular interest in developing Red Son.”

For now the big screen Superman is Henry Cavill who’ll appear in the upcoming “Justice League” and is expected to star in the “Man of Steel” direct sequel which is in development.

Source: The Playlist