Warners Announces “Flashpoint,” “Lantern” & More

Kicking off the DC Films section of its Comic Con panel this year, Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed a video reel that contained a bunch of logos that confirm the slate of films they have in the works and are moving forward on.

The most interesting reveal was that of “Flashpoint,” the title for “The Flash” movie which suggests an adaptation of the famed comic Flashpoint comics storyline.

Also confirmed were a “Wonder Woman” sequel, the Green Lantern Corps.” movie, and the already announced “Shazam,” “Suicide Squad 2, “The Batman,” “Justice League Dark” and “Batgirl”.

A brief clip from “Aquaman” was also shown in the room and won’t be brought online. The footage sees a couple old fisherman in a boat in the middle of an ocean. One of them cast their reel out and he gets a bite – and suddenly the boat is being dragged until the fisherman lets go.

Soon there’s a rumbling under the ocean and we see a whole fleet of Ocean Master’s stingray-shaped ships moving through the water, along with Atlanteans swimming around on sharks. Another scene has Momoa inside of a sunken ship in an air pocket and holding a red sword.

“Aquaman” opens December next year.