Warners Adjusts Post-“Dawn of Justice” Plans

An extensive piece in Variety discusses the DC Comics cinematic universe moving forward and how ‘Dawn of Justice’ didn’t do what Warner Bros. Pictures expected. As a result, they have had to adjusted plans accordingly.

Even so, they claim they are sticking to their original plan with the upcoming “Justice League” movie which goes in a different direction to ‘Dawn’. The report says the film is designed to be much more of a “crowd-pleaser” that’s far less dark and serious in tone, more straightforward in its existential angst, and “extremely kinetic and visual” in style.

Also production executive Jon Berg and Time-Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes are said to be “taking more of a hands-on approach [and are] paying closer attention to overarching story concerns” in the DCEU films coming out from now on.

The first two off the block are “Suicide Squad” in August which Heroic Hollywood claims contains “a lot more Batman in the movie than they are letting on”. Then there’s the solo “Wonder Woman” movie which star Gal Gadot tells Digital Spy is “pretty dark” despite moments of humour.