Warner Embracing 3D, Heroes, “Destination 5”

Warner Brothers studio chief Alan Horn delivered a presentation at the ShoWest convention yesterday that revealed some important details about the upcoming slate of the studio reports Collider.

Despite all the online chatter about how much the ‘2D-to-3D conversion’ process used on the likes of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Clash of the Titans” looks disappointing, the studio is backing 3D big time with no less than five films this year and eleven next year to be released in 3D – all its ‘tentpole films’. How many are actually being shot in 3D wasn’t revealed.

Horn says that with the “Harry Potter” franchise coming to an end, the plan is to move forward with their vault of DC Superheroes as a replacement – sounds like they’re essentially following the Marvel plan of around two films per year. This would include “Green Lantern” currently in production for 2011, the third “Batman” for 2012, both “The Flash” and the rebooted “Superman” they have in development.

Finally Horn also confirmed that a fifth film in the “Final Destination” series is in the works.