WarGames Revived As A Digital Short

MGM has announced that it’s teaming with Interlude to revive its classic 1983 thriller “WarGames” as a ‘kind of video game’, or more specifically an interactive digital short.

The original film was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Screenplay, and followed a young hacker (Matthew Broderick) who manages to break into a U.S. military supercomputer and starts playing what he thinks is a game. In actuality, it’s a nuclear war simulation which could spark World War III.

The new project will feature all-new characters and storylines, and the aim is to “combine the narrative of a compelling movie with the responsiveness of a great game” and so viewers will be able to determine the outcome, which will make for a slightly different narrative every time you watch it.

The plan for the digital short is to experiment with a new form of storytelling. How this works isn’t clear – at its most elaborate it could be something along the lines of Quantic Dream’s acclaimed “Heavy Rain” or “Beyond Two Souls” PS3 titles, but this will likely be simpler than that.

Interlude itself is described as a media and technology company that is pioneering a new kind of video that responds to a person’s emotions and interests.

At last report Dean Israelite is set to direct a full film remake of “WarGames,” but the announcement offers no new details on the status of that.

Source: MGM