Warcraft Getting Lengthy Post-Production

Filmmaker Duncan Jones has been shooting “Warcraft,” the film adaptation of the mega-popular online video game “World of Warcraft,” for some time.

Despite this, the film isn’t slated to hit cinemas until March 11th 2016, nearly two full years away. Why is that? According to Legendary Films CEO Thomas Tull, it’s due to the film’s lengthy post-production phase. He tells Crave Online:

“Part of it is getting the date right. As you may have noticed, these next two years, there’s pretty big titles coming out.

We wanted to make sure that we got that right, but there are some sequences and some things that Duncan Jones has done that are truly on the cutting edge. You want to have plenty of time to make sure that we dial those in.

So by the time they get home and set up, it’ll be a little less than two years. It’ll be about 20 months but we really want to take our time and get this right because the technology that’s employed really is some next generation stuff.”

Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky, Dominic Cooper, Daniel Wu and Clancy Brown all star in the film which was penned by Jones and Charles Leavitt.