Warcraft Director’s Cut Is Much Longer

Despite the critical drubbing, Duncan Jones’ fantasy epic “Warcraft” based on the popular MMORPG from publisher Blizzard Entertainment opened in several overseas markets this weekend and performed above expectations. Even so, the film is on track to a very modest $25 million domestic opening weekend – not the kind of number that a costly $160 million epic like this desires.

Jones himself is out doing publicity rounds for the film and in a new interview with The Daily Beast he spoke about the complications of his personal life this year during the film’s production – both losing his father David Bowie and the impending birth of his first child.

He also revealed one surprising bit of information – that the director’s cut of the film is significantly than the already near two-hour runtime of the theatrical version: Speaking about his aims with the film, he said: “There are a lot of fantasy films, but they all kind of want to be Lord of the Rings. Even Game of Thrones, which I love, is mature content-Lord of the Rings. And what we wanted to try and do is broaden out that spectrum of what a fantasy film could be.”

“Warcraft” is set to open States-side on June 10th.