Warcraft, “Crimson Peak,” “Hellboy 3” Teased

One of the briefest bits of Legendary’s Comic Con panel this afternoon was the premiere of the first trailer for “Warcraft,” filmmaker Duncan Jones’ upcoming movie adaptation of the popular online role-playing video game which is still over a year from release.

Jones says the plot deals with the origin of the conflict in Azeroth between humans and orcs, and they’re going with an origin to make what is essentially high fantasy accessible to everyone. Described as “Avatar” meets “The Lord of the Rings,” the trailer then showed a lot of human vs. Orc violence ranging from sword fights to lightning shooting from people’s hands in very colorful environs.

Guillermo del Toro was also on hand to showcase his gothic romance thriller “Crimson Peak”. The film’s trailer begins with Tom Hiddleston’s voiceover talking about how an old house is not only alive but slowly going mad, keeping things alive when they should be dead. That leads to spooky shots of Mia Wasikowska holding a knife and later a long-fingered black hand arching down to touch her.

There was also shots of Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam and Jessica Chastain in the film, many in formal wear in the creepy house. Candles being blown out, whispering and lots of blood were the call of the day in the clip for the film which Del Toro admits is a violent R-rated movie.

The movie itself though sounds like a blend between his Spanish-language filmmaking style and the great works of the genre like “Rebecca,” “The Innocents” and the original “The Haunting”.

del Toro adds: “I wanted to tackle a great adult story for a female lead. I think it’s great when the female lead [is in] a normal romantic story, but then we live past that. Past getting the guy – fuck all that shit – we see her becoming her own person. We do what is done in gothic romance. We have the thriller aspect of it, we have the romance, brutal moments, and we have scary ghosts – but scarier people than ghosts. It’s a beautiful confection, and I hope you enjoy it.”

It was the panel’s end though that was a surprise. del Toro got the audience to cheer as a form of voting to see if they prefer him to make either “Hellboy 3” or his long-awaited H.P. Lovecraft adaptation “At The Mountains of Madness” next. Considering a bunch of the crowd is unaware of the latter, unsurprisingly “Hellboy” got the loudest cheer. Legendary’s Thomas Tull responded onstage that after del Toro finishes directing the “Pacific Rim” sequel, “We’ll talk.”