Warcraft Concept Art Goes Online

Filmmaker Duncan Jones appeared at BlizzCon 2013 over the weekend where he showcased concept art from “Warcraft,” the upcoming film based on the popular and massive multi-player, online, role-playing game.

Kotaku has posted the art and, according to Jones, the story follows the characters of the human Anduin Lothar and Orc Durotan. Jones wants to show both sides of the human and Orc struggle.

The film’s visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer says the Orcs are all to be make-up, not CG, with their swords being “the biggest swords a human being can wield”. Filming begins in Vancouver early next year.

The art includes the Orc city of Draenor, the magic sky city of Dalaran, the dwarf city of Ironforge, and the Alliance seat of Stormwind.