Warcraft Comic Con Panel Reveals Story

Filmmaker Duncan Jones and his cast showed up at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday to talk about “Warcraft,” the upcoming film adaptation of the elaborate online gaming universe which Legendary Pictures is set to release next year.

One of the film’s actors, Rob Kazinsky, revealed that he’s racked up around 600 days of play on the game, having indulged in it enough to lose a relationship and self-esteem. Yet it also means his comments to fans about the film adaptation can be taken seriously: “I’m a gamer and I know what I’m expecting, I know what you’re expecting from this thing, and I promise you Duncan Jones has made the movie you want to see.”

Around six to eight minutes of footage were screened with the film’s visual effects praised for going to such detail that it the orcs have been rendered incredibly convincingly. The story has The Horde running out of resources on their home planet, so a portal is opened to another – a portal that requires the life forces of living prisoners.

Some orcs are not happy with this idea, and things get messier when the orcs arrive on the other planet and threaten the security of the humans and creatures living there. Jones reportedly has fully embraced the game’s fantasy elements. While the crowd got to see the footage today, the public won’t get the film’s first footage until a teaser trailer in November.