War of the Worlds Mini-Series In The Works

U.K. production company Mammoth Screen is planning a mini-series based on H.G. Wells’ classic 1898 alien invasion story “War of the Worlds”. Mammoth has reportedly secured funding in the U.K. and will soon actively seek out a company in the U.S. to be a co-producer.

Production isn’t expected to take place until early 2017 as Paramount currently has the copyright privileges to the property – privileges that expire when the novel enters the public domain at the end of 2016.

Despite its popularity and several adaptations across various mediums, Wells’ story has never had a straightforward TV adaptation to date. This will fill that niche, retaining the original’s Victorian setting and time period.

Peter Harness, who adapted Susanna Clarke’s “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” for TV this year and penned the recent acclaimed Zygon two-part story for “Doctor Who”, will pen the script.

Source: Broadcast Now