War of the Roses Sequel In The Works

Permut Presentations and Grey Eagle Films are teaming to produce the upcoming sequel “The War Of The Roses: The Children”.

The film is based on Warren Adler’s novel “The Children of the Roses”. Adler penned both it and its predecessor, “The War of the Roses” which was the basis for Danny DeVito’s critically acclaimed pitch black 1989 comedy starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.

In that film, the pair played Barbara and Oliver Rose – a couple who fell in and then out of love, leading to a nasty divorce battle which ultimately turns deadly.

In this sequel, the pair’s children Josh and Evie are now grown but still scarred by their parents’ vindictive battle. Josh has tried to be a model husband and father, while Evie has sought solace in overeating and casual sex.

Soon Josh and his wife Victoria divorce over Josh’s infidelity, and fall into the same pattern as Josh’s parents. Adultery, blackmail, rape, and arson all factor into this scenario. A scribe is currently being sought for the project which Jonathan Adler and Stephen Greenwald will produce.

Source: Deadline