War Is A “Gift” For Carl Erik Rinsch

Carl Erik Rinsch’s latest online short has sparked a bidding war for the feature film rights reports Heat Vision.

Rinsch is a commercials director who became something of an overnight online celebrity not long ago when it was revealed that Ridley Scott was lining him up to make his feature directorial debut on an “Alien” prequel, a film project Scott has since taken over.

Rinsch continued his non-film work and participated in the high-profile Phillips’ 21:9 short-film experiment in which five filmmakers created their own short films using the same piece of dialogue.

Rinsch created “The Gift”, a Moscow-set sci-fi piece involving a box, a robotic manservant, and a Bourne-esque bike/cop car chase. On the day it came out, Warner Bros. and Fox became amongst the studios in competition for the film rights.

Or are they? /Film has added to the news, saying that the short will actually serve as a prequel to “Small” – a full-on feature film that Rinsch has already written and designed.