War Began Sequels Shot Back-To-Back

A second and third installment of the Australian action movie series “Tomorrow, When the War Began” is being lined up to be shot back-to-back says Reuters.

Filmmaker Stuart Beattie will return and has signed on to write and direct both features, but the project has not been officially greenlit as yet. Beattie has previously stated that it would take at least a trilogy of films to properly adapt John Marsden’s seven book series, looks like he’s got his wish.

The $25 million first film followed a small band of teenagers who return from a short getaway in the bush to find their small country town taken over by a hostile invasion force. They soon wage a guerrilla war on the enemy garrison posted there.

The first instalment opened in Australia earlier this month and took in over $5 million in its first week. It also scored the record of the third-largest opening for an Australian movie domestically, just behind the much more costly “Happy Feet” and Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia”.

The original cast and production team are all expected to return for the follow-up. Reviews for the first film praised the direction and production values but were pointedly more mixed about the acting and writing.