Wanted Helmer Ground Into “Red Asphalt”

With the implosion of the “Wanted” sequel a few weeks ago, director Timur Bekmambetov’s schedule has been freed up and several studios are trying to become a part of whatever his next job might be reports The Los Angeles Times.

Though he’s attached to several projects like “The Witch Hunter,” “Moby Dick” and several films which he intends to produce (“The Darkest Hour,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”), he’s yet to commit to his next directorial effort.

Now it seems a front runner has emerged – Andrew Baldwin’s “Red Asphalt” set up at Lionsgate. Plot details of the edgy 3-D thriller are under wraps, but Bekmambetov is set to produce and is keen enough to possibly direct. Lionsgate is said to be similarly keen on moving forward with the project right away.