Wan Shoots Down “Aquaman” Rumors

In the wake of Seth Grahame-Smith’s departure as director of “The Flash” film on Friday, along with talk that Warners is becoming more hands on in its involvement on Zack Snyder’s “Justice League: Part One,” rumors sprang up over the weekend that filmmaker James Wan was showing “a tremendous amount of trepidation” in regards to taking the helm of the “Aquaman” solo film for Warner Bros. Pictures.

This naturally went further with speculation quickly following that Wan might depart the project. But the man himself, who has “The Conjuring 2” opening this Summer, took to Twitter to shoot down the rumors.

Wan also asked people not to harass Birth Movies Death which originated the report. Wan and his “The Conjuring 2” co-writer Davie Leslie Johnson are penning the screenplay for “Aquaman” which is slated to go into production next year.