Wan On Shattering “Aquaman” Expectations

James Wan has spoken with excitement in recent interviews about his chance to tackle DC Comics hero “Aquaman” onscreen, but in a new interview with CBR News he’s indicated he’s well aware the character doesn’t resonate with everybody.

Wan goes on to tell the outlet that it’s writer Geoff Johns’ work in the New 52 comics reboot of the character, efforts which reinvigorate the character with the kinds of readers who may have considered Aquaman a walking joke, as inspiration for his take:

“I’m a big fan of what Geoff Johns did with his new take on ‘Aquaman,’ with the New 52. I think for the first time, we get to see Aquaman as a superhero that definitely isn’t the butt of superhero jokes, right? I think that there’s something very exciting about that.

I actually do think there’s something kind of fun, as well, to take a character where people don’t quite know what to expect from him, or rather the expectation of him is quite low. I always say, it’s very difficult when you’re tackling something like ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Batman’ that has been done so many times before. Whereas, it’s actually really refreshing to take on something like ‘Aquaman,’ that no one has really seen before in this context, and make it your own.”

Asked how prepared he was for the task of shooting on or under water, Wan was prepared with an amusing answer:

“I will answer that with this little anecdote from The Conjuring 2. We have a sequence in the movie where the set is flooded, it’s waterlogged, and there’s a lot of rain in this movie. Every time I’m out in the rain, and I’m in this sunken, flooded set, the only thing that’s going through my brain is, ‘F–k, I have to put up with this for an entire movie. This is going to suck.’ I’ll leave it at that — how’s that?”

The “Aquaman” film is due out in 2018.