Wan On “Conjuring 3” & Werewolves

With “The Conjuring 2” easily dominating the box-office this past weekend and “Furious 7” being one of last year’s biggest hits, there’s no question that filmmaker James Wan would be a ‘get’ for any major studio project.

It’s also pretty certain that “The Conjuring 3” is a lock, whether Wan returns to direct or only produce. The big question though is what could it be about?

We know the plan is to continue following paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) and the real life cases they tackled. Of those, there’s still plenty left to mine for material including one involving a werewolf which the Warrens wrote about in 1991.

Asked by CinemaBlend if he would be interested in doing something involving werewolves, Wan liked the idea:

“Maybe we can go and do it like a classic American Werewolf in London style. That would be awesome! The Warrens set against the backdrop of The Hound of Baskerville. That would be awesome.”

Warner Bros. Pictures has not officially confirmed plans for a third installment of” The Conjuring” yet, but after the successful opening weekend and critical reception, it’s only a matter of time. Wan does confrm writers are already sifting through some of the other Warren case files to figure out which ones might lend themselves to a third installment:

“They have a lot of cases. I’m not sitting there sifting through every single one, but I think, you know, between the writers and the studio, I think they have a short list of their favorite, like basically the top 20 or 30 of the Warren’s favorite cases.”

Wan is next focusing on the “Aquaman” and “Robotech” films as his net two projects.