Wan Likely Won’t Return For “Conjuring 3”

James Wan’s “The Conjuring 2” hits cinemas today and is riding high on very healthy reviews which put it about on par with the first film. The movie is also looking to be headed towards a strong $35 million opening weekend.

Those involved have already teased the possibility of a third film, but with Wan occupied with his “Aquaman” film and the “Robotech” for the next few years there’s the obvious question as to will the studio wait for his return.

Speaking to EW about the possibility of returning for a third film in the series, he says: “

“Another ‘Conjuring’? Jeez, I love the world, I love Patrick [Wilson] and Vera [Farmiga], and I have such a great relationship with New Line and Warner Bros., so the idea of coming back to that family is not a bad thing. I wouldn’t turn anything down, I think. But, you did hit it on the head, I am quite busy potentially for the next couple of years. So, who knows if they’ll actually wait for me to come back and do another one?”

If he doesn’t return to direct, it’s expected he’ll stay on board as executive producer. For now though, it seems he’ll be bowing out of directing films in the franchise.

Source: EW