Wan Explains Lack Of An “Aquaman” Trailer

Though fans online were hoping something would premiere at WonderCon this past weekend, sadly nothing from Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films’ “Aquaman” was shown.

Asked why not, the film’s director James Wan took to Twitter to explain why there has been no trailer as of yet. He also set out to debunk some recent rumours regarding the production:

“Hey friends, I usually do my best to avoid internet noises (especially fabricated distractions) but a teaser-trailer going out this weekend was never in the books — despite what some claim. It’s not because of anyone or any nefarious reason holding it back — IT’S ME. I am simply not ready yet to share.

This movie is filled to the gills with VFX, and the process is as slow and laborious as a sea-slug! Yes, even shots for the trailers take forever to do, and I refuse to put out anything that might be construed as subpar. I know it seems like nothing much is brewing above the surface, but I can assure you, we’re working nonstop under the waves. (Ps: And yes, I plan to use oceanic puns/references every chance I get).”

With “Aquaman” not due out until just before Christmas, a first teaser could be at least a few months away. This year’s San Diego Comic Con will no doubt be venue for some sort of trailer or footage to come out, the only question is if we’ll get a tease before that point.

Additional photography is reportedly underway with ComicBook.com saying that actor Dolph Lundgren posted an Instagram post, which is seemingly now gone, indicating he’s back filming his role as King Nereus. Lundgren has just begun work on the “Creed” sequel so his schedule must be somewhat tight at the moment.