Waltz, Gilliam Team On “Zero Theorem”

Christoph Waltz is set to star in Terry Gilliam’s next project “The Zero Theorem” reports Deadline.

Pat Rushin penned the script set in an Orwellian corporate world run by a shadowy figure called ‘Management’. Waltz plays an eccentric and reclusive computer genius plagued with existential angst who works on a mysterious project aimed at discovering the purpose of existence once and for all.

Other characters in this world include a “flamboyantly lusty love interest” with virtual sex on their mind, and the rebellious whiz-kid teenage son of Management. Thrown in a journey into the hidden dimensions of the lead’s own soul and you’ve got a very Gilliam sounding feature.

Shooting kicks off in Romania in late October with Dean Zanuck producing. The film will be Waltz’s first job after recently wrapping filming on Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”.