Walt Ain’t The Only Thing “Frozen” At Disney

Disney has announced that it has scheduled “Frozen”, a film adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”, for a November 27th 2013 release reports Disney Info.

The 3D feature follow Kay, a boy whose mind is twisted when his heart and eyes are pierced by shards of an evil troll mirror. He’s then willingly abducted by the Snow Queen, who travels the world with the winter weather.

Kay’s playmate, neighbour and sweetheart Gerda however still believes in him and sets out on an epic quest to retrieve him from the Snow Queen’s palace.

The project has long been in the works, a lot of early work was done before the project was ultimately shelved back in 2002 before it went into production. At the time it was slated to be a hand-drawn animated feature, no word if that’s still the case.

The project pushes out Pixar’s untitled Dinosaur movie from that release slot, a new date has yet to be announced.