“Walking Dead” Won’t Catchup With Comics

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series famously started behind, caught up to and then ran past the current point that its source material was up to. Fans of that other major cable ratings juggernaut, AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” have recently begun to wonder if their series may do the same thing.

The comic most recently released its 161st issue, while the TV series adapted the first 100 issues in the show’s first six seasons, and finished with the 111th comic issue in its mid-season finale. That suggests things are speeding up a bit, with the ‘All Out War’ storyline looking to be a part of the back half of the current season.

Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic, was recently asked if there was a risk of the show catching up to the comics. He replied (via Comicbook.com:

“It took us six seasons to get to [issue] 100, it won’t take us six years to get to 200 and that will take us to season … TWELVE. And we’ll still be ahead of the show at that point.”

The comic certainly has years of life left in it, but whether the series does as well remains in question. Despite the show outrating pretty much everything on TV, its prime does seem behind it with genre shows rarely going beyond ten seasons bar one or two exceptions such as “Supernatural” (currently in its twelfth).

“The Walking Dead” returns February 12th 2017 on AMC.