Walking Dead To Be Different By S5 End

AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead” will keep hitting the road and changing not just its locales but its feel according to one of the show’s stars.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays de facto group leader Rick Grimes in the series, says that by the end of the current fifth season we will have a quite different show to the one we’ve seen in season’s past.

Part of that change begins with a particularly dark and brutal third episode. However, much of it will come in the back half of the fifth season which doesn’t hit screens until February. Lincoln tells Details magazine:

“I think the first three episodes are pretty much a body blow – three is an astonishingly brutal and uncompromising episode… we’re going into uncharted waters with this episode… But then the story kind of spins off.

But I would say that nine, ten, and eleven . . . and twelve . . . actually, the whole season is pretty intense. I’m trying to sort of temper it, but I can’t. It moves very quickly.

Lots of new locations, a heck of a lot of new characters. But it is a season where maybe two-thirds has this momentum and this drive, and then the final third is like a completely new show.”

That ‘dark and brutal’ third episode goes to air this weekend and will probably push boundaries on a show that has already visibly upped its darker and gorier aspects in its first two episodes.